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Prolog Optics ltd. is the exclusive representative of QIOPTIQ, a part of Excelitas Group, in Israel.


Qioptiq is a recognized, first-tier supplier to many of the defence and aerospace sector’s leading companies.

Qioptiq design and supply complex and cost-effective optical modules and equipment for the Israeli defence industry.


Qioptiq is recognized internationally as an advanced high technology company, renowned for its quality, reliability and competitiveness in supplying optical components and assemblies for defence and commercial applications.



Qioptiq is renowned for the design and manufacture of visible light optical components for a wide-range of applications.

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Qioptiq is specializes in Sub-Assemblies & complete optical systems, from design stage through all the way up to prototypes and mass production.

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Qioptiq is a leading manufacturer of IR optics and optical modules for detection, warning and imaging systems.

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Since 2007 LINOS Catalog is a part of Qioptiq group offering extensive selection of customised and off the shelf optical components, sub assemblies, sub systems and system solutions.
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Qioptiq provides OEM Systems like Night weapon sight, OBJ & EYP for Night vision equipment and IR modules. 
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Qioptiq are able to meet all customers' present and future photonic needs.


Qioptiq is your partner for great design and global manufacturing.


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