About Us


 Qioptiq offers a full set of services and products for lasers, laser material processing, and laser

based machinery and related metrology and processchecking systems.

Services and products for the laser industry
We will serve you from development and prototyping to volume production.

During the full lifetime of your product, Qioptiq is your partner for your OEM lasers and fiber couplers needs.

Our complete offer for lasers includes lasers and laser-based equipment for your Industrial Manufacturing needs, such as electro and magneto optics, laser-capable optics, laser material processing,fiber optics, diode lasers and lasers for metrology and illumination.

We also have lasers for use in the Medical & Life Sciences sector, for example in Ophthalmology and for Laser Surgery.

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In 2010, Point Source became Qioptiq
Qioptiq is proud to have acquired Point Source, established world leader in the field of flexible laser technology, in 2008. In 2010, Point Source changed its name and logo to become a full part of Qioptiq. Read more about their complete offer for fiber optics and for diode lasers.

Wavelength Multiplexers
Qioptiq designs and manufactures “black box” type laser solutions which incorporate multiple sources and their controllers, beam combiner optics, modulation and control devices and beam delivery via fiber optic.

Vacuum Solutions
We design and manufacture single mode fiber beam delivery systems forse in an ultra-high vacuum environment, in fields such as semiconductor lithography, metrology, or imaging. To ensure that your solution is totally reliable in the harshest environments, we carry out extensive tests in our UK plant.

Precision Fiber Interconnects
Visible singlemode fiber to fiber interconnects can often be problematic due to the inappropriate use of standard telecoms connectors. The smaller fiber core sizes require more highly toleranced connector features and stricter manufacturing process controls to ensure the highest performance and reliability.

Beam Conditioning
Singlemode fiber provides the ideal spatial filter to decouple spatial mode noise from the application and produce a true ‘Gaussian’ beam profile. More applications require higher throughputs and with a stable and predictable source we can provide a selection of laser beam conditioning appropriate to the application directly from the end of the fiber.