Diode Lasers



Our diode and solid state lasers are developed for the highest reliability and with the most demanding applications in mind.

Reliable, stable and precise
All laser modules are guaranteed for long lifetime and deliver exceptional long term power stability with low amplitude noise. Our kineFLEX™ fiber coupling technology delivers a beam of stable intensity over time with sub-micron positional accuracy.
The iFLEX-Viper Laser Engine
The iFLEX-Viper™ combines up to five lasers in one instrument and delivers each wavelength simultaneously or individually via one singlemode, polarization maintained fiber optic delivery system.

Designed to the highest specifications, the iFLEX-Viper is a remarkable one-stop solution that will save valuable design and production time, getting products to market faster. This breakthrough iFLEX-Viper technology is a revolutionary step for the growing markets of biotechnology, such as DNA sequencing for personalised medicine and confocal microscopy for drug discovery.




iFLEX-iRIS™ - Miniaturized Diode Laser Modules
Exceptionally stable, miniaturized solid state lasers from 375-852nm. Optional, modular fiber delivery with the kineFLEX. Performance guaranteed after fiber...


iFLEX2000™ - Fiber Coupled Lasers
Exceptionally stable, fiber delivered, solid state lasers from 375nm – 830nm with modulation, and all laser power levels guaranteed after the single-mode polarization maintaining fiber optic kineFLEX output...


iFLEX-Q3™ - Compact Laser Diode
Direct diode lasers providing low noise and high precision beam pointing stability directly from the laser head...


iFLEX-Mustang™ fiber-coupledsolid-state laser
The world’s first modulated DPSS laser series with laser performance guaranteed after the single-mode, polarization-maintaining kineFLEX fiber optic output...


iFLEX-Viper™, 2-6 line Laser Engine
The world’s first laser engine with multiple lasers combined into one unit and all wavelengths delivered in a co-linear beam via a single-mode polarization-maintaining kineFLEX fiber output. Lasers function independently, and may be fired simultaneously or in any sequence. Performance is guaranteed after the fiber for each laser...



FLEX-Gemini, the 2-line Laser Engine
Dual wavelength laser system with co-linear beam delivered via single-mode polarization-maintaining kineFLEX fiber. Performance guaranteed after fiber...