Laser Material Processing





Both customized and off-the-shelf optics for laser material processing.




Customized optics for laser material processing


Qioptiq develops a whole range of sophisticated and  high-quality laser optics for laser material processing applications, including:
• Drilling and fine cutting of metals and ceramics (e.g.micro drilling in PCBs)
• Plastic welding (e.g. fusion of plastic materials  without additional materials)
• Structuring or perforating of metallic and nonmetallic materials (e.g. solar cells, glass)
• Marking (e.g. of smart cards, ICs, printing plates, in-glass, dashboard designs in the automotive  industry)
• Cleaning with laser pulses for careful treatment  of industrial products (e.g. wafers) as well as  restoration  projects (e.g. monuments).
• Laser optics for UV, VIS, NIR, IR laser as well as diode lasers

Our international customers are well-known manufactures of laser and laser marking systems and OEM manufacturers of scan heads.

Off-the-shelf products for laser material processing


Qioptiq also has a complete catalog of standard laser material processing products and services, including:
•  F-Theta-Ronar lenses for the wavelengths 340-360 nm, 515-540/532 nm, 940-980 nm, 1064/1030-1080 nm and 1550/1900-2000 nm
    for scan fields of  30 x 30 mm up to max  300 x 300 mm 
•  Manual variable 2x…10x beam expanders for laser  wavelengths 355, 532, 633-980 and 1064 nm
•  Motorized variable beam expanders 2x…8x  340-360 nm, 515-540 nm and 1030-1080 nm including integrated controller and software  
•  Lenses made of optical glass or fused silica for high-power or short-pulse  laser material processing
•  Telecentric lens designs with perpendicular impact angle on the work piece
•  In-house developed coatings including tested laser-damage threshold values 
•  Focus-Ronar lenses for YAG laser in material processing

Customized solutions
In addition to our existing LINOS F-Theta-Ronar lenses and variable beam expanders 

Qioptiq offers customized solutions from adapted wavelength shift of standard lenses up to complete new designs.

Please contact Qioptiq to discuss your  requests with our specialists.

You can count on Qioptiq for
•  Customer-specific concept and product development
•  Production of prototypes and high-end serial production
•  Consistent high quality in serial production
•  R&D expertise and efficient project management
•  Special assembly techniques
•  Excellent coating design competence
•  Competitive pricing
•  Technical support over product lifetime
•  Production of devices for reliable operation in industrial
   environment with high power lasers