Laser Optics



The components, subassemblies,devices, polishing, coating andassembly skills you need

for laser-capable optics.

Laser-capable optics
We offers a full range of the components, subassemblies and devices needed to develop and produce lasers and machinery using lasers.

Polishing, coating and assembly
Our particular area of expertise is in high-powered laser-capable optics. We are equipped and experiences for laser grade optical polishing, coating and assembly.

Your partner from end to end
We accompanies you and your teams at every stage of the product life cycle, from development including prototyping through to volume production.

Our offer for customized laser optics includes:
• Spherical and aspherical lenses and lens assemblies
• Laser mirrors and beam guiding systems
• Beam deliveries
• Focusing Optics
• Beam shaping Optics
• Coatings for laser and laser related optics (HR, PR, AR)
• Brewster polarizers and cube polarizers
• Optomechanics