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Linear Motion Systems
ALIO linear stages have world class performance with variation of components such as motors and encoders to fit

demanding applications or cost sensitive systems.
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ALIO 2- ceramic-servo


Parallel Kinematics Motion Systems
The TRUE NANO™ ALIO Hexapods with nanometer precision revolving around a virtual point in space with tool center point programming coupled with speeds of up to 250 mm/sec.

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Air Bearing Systems
ALIO’s Air Bearing System was designed to exceed today’s demanding requirements in semiconductor wafer, flat panel display, nano-manufacturing and optical inspection.
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ALIO 4- rotary    

Rotary Motion Systems
ALIO’ line of rotary stages continues to expand as we are willing to work with our customers to provide solutions that meet all their needs.
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ALIO 5- custom    

Custom Motion Systems
ALIO Industries offers significant value added by customizing our core technology to fit our OEM customer’s needs as well as pushing the envelope for new world nano-precision applications
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ALIO 6    

Z-Lift and Vertical Axis Motion Systems
ALIO Industries’ Z-Lift motion platforms were created to replace the inaccuracies of the ever present Z-Wedge vertical stages as well as reduce the footprint and improve performance of linear stages mounted in the vertical orientation.
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ALIO 7    

High Precision Motion Systems
These easily configurable stages can be used as a single axis, stacked in XY orientations or complete gantry operation.
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ALIO 8    

Vacuum Motion Systems
The vacuum challenges vary from 10-3 TORR to 10-12 TORR from positioning performance to outgassing challenges.
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