March 2015


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REO Introduces standard

superpolished products


REO now offers a selection of our superior superpolished substrates, thin film coatings and reference cavity assemblies. With surface roughness <0.8Å rms, superpolished substrates ,IBS coatings enable precision spectral and environmental performance. You can quickly verify the performance of a specified coating request within the outlined parameters. These high performance products coatings are available at competitive pricing and lead time to enable a quick custom solution for product development or research project applications.






January 2015


piezo E 4c 300dpi



We are proud to announce about exclusive representation of PiezoSystemJena in Israel.

Piezosystem jena, Inc. established in 1999, offers an extensive knowledge and in-depth technical expertise in the application of piezo technology to nano positioning tasks, and in the design of piezo flexure stages and development of piezomechanical systems. Piezo based instruments, manufactured by piezosystem jena, are equipped with unique piezo technology and offer XY or 3D motion with nearly unlimited resolution.




October 2014


 ALIO logo


After one year of successful collaboration we are proud to announce about exclusive representation of ALIO 6-D in Israel.

 ALIO Industries began in 2001 with an idea to create “a better way” to meet the nano-precision robotic needs. This initial idea has grown into an ever-expanding product line that includes Hexapod robotic systems, air bearing systems and mechanical bearing linear and rotary nano-precision systems for atmospheric, clean room and ultra high vacuum chambers all with TRUE NANO Positioning™. Industries served include semiconductor, biomedical, ink jet deposition, lithography, nano/micro machining, metrology & synchrotron.



REO - Spatially Variable Filters

September 2014


Product Focus: Spatially Variable Filters


REO has developed a unique, scalable technology for producing a wide variety of spatially variable thin films, such as those in which center wavelength, reflectivity, phase or slope varies with position on the component. 


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Optotune - new laser processing lens

August 2014


Optotune logo 227x105 72dpi

Optotune presents a new laser processing lens with optical feedback. While compactness, fast response and long cycle life have been well known benefits of our technology for laser marking, the new optical feedback system allows for precise focal length control over a wide temperature range. Convince yourself during our live demo of a 3D laser marking system using our new EL-10-42-LP lens at the LASYS next week! Product launch is expected in Q3 2014.                                                  

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