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March 2014



January 2014

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New optical pen by STIL S.A., the company specializing in non contact metrology was unveilled: CL0-MG210. This optical pen offers the user an axial resolution of 5nm for the precise measurement of micro-structures, MEMs, micro bumps and nano-roughness. The CL0-MG210 boasts a depth of 70 µm at a workign distance of 2.6mm. 

CCS Prima  CL0-MG210micro-structures


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October 2013


Announcing the new ImageMaster® Compact: a cost-effective, horizontal table-top instrument capable of measuring image quality (MTF) and other optical parameters e.g. EFL, distortion, astigmatism. Its modular design permits testing of a wide range of lenses and optical assemblies, and makes changing between different setups very simple, and optimal for R&D applications.


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Well ImageMaster




August 2013

Prolog Optics Ltd. is proud to announce the representation of QIOPTIQ - OPTEM division


Qioptiq offers an extensive line of Optem® Camera Couplers to aid research scientists in mounting most any camera to most any microscope with top-grade image transmission quality. Select from a wide variety of Coupler types, camera mounts and optical magnifications to meet your specific camera integration needs



















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August 2013






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