Optical Components


Prolog Optics supplies both high quality and cost effective optical elements and assemblies to match your specific requirements.  The industial emergence of the Chinese manufacturing market enables Prolog Optics to achieve competative prices for efficient developing and manufacturing of precision optics for our customers.


In addition, Prolog Optics represents REO Inc. in Israel. REO is a  high quality manufacturer of precision thin film coatings, optics and optomechanical assemblies for the ultraviolet through the long-wave infrared. 



Our Products:


Polymer Tunable Lenses and Laser Speckle Reducers developed by OPTOTUNE provide an additional degree of freedom allowing significant simplification of many existing optical systems. Read More about OPTOTUNE


Flat optics can be a substrate with a single polished surface like in the case of mirrors, with two polished surfaces like in windowsfilters and waveplates, or with multiple polished surfaces like in the case of prisms and beamsplitters. Mirrors
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Curved surfaces can come in various shapes: spherical, aspherical and cylindrical. Spherical optics can be a substrate with a single polished surface like in the case of spherical mirrors, or with two polished surfaces like in lenses.

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Aspherical optics are more challenging to manufacture and test than the spherical optics but nevertheless have numerous advantages when viewed through the eyes of an optical designer.  A given quality can be achieved with fewer elements.

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Optical coatings are used to modify the reflection/transmission ratio of an incident light and thus determine if it's going to be a lens, mirror, or a beamsplitter.

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Take your optical assembly from concept to production. It can be either "built to print" or "built to spec".

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According to each application we determine the required growth method which influence material quality and consequently material cost. Sapphire is a preferable material in many cases due to its superior mechanical, optical, chemical and thermal characteristics.

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Engineered Diffusers™ are deterministic, efficient, refractive-based diffusers capable

of fairly arbitrary beamshaping operations.

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