ALIO Hybrid Hexapod® Awarded US Patent

ALIO Industries, Inc. based in Arvada Colorado, an innovator in Nano Technology motion systems, was awarded the first of several US patents for the novel Hybrid Hexapod®.

Traditional Hexapods, also known as Gough-Stewart platforms, first saw use in flight simulators and amusement rides. In recent years the Hexapod has been used in applications including micromachining, metrology, and automated assembly. Miniaturization of components, better sensors, and improved laser beam delivery have challenged the precision capabilities associated with the kinematics and path performance of traditional Hexapods making them all but irrelevant in today’s demanding industrial applications.

ALIO’s Hybrid Hexapod’s take a different approach to traditional 6 Degree of Freedom (6-DOF) positioning devices with far higher performance at competitive prices. Rather than 6 independent legs (and 12 connection joints) ALIO’s approach combines a precision XY Monolithic stage, Tripod, and continuous rotation Theta-Z axis to provide superior overall performance. The combination of serial and parallel kinematics at the heart of ALIO’s 6-D Nano Precision® stages renders traditional Hexapod kinematics obsolete with orders-of-magnitude improvements in precision, path performance, speed, stiffness and a larger work envelope with virtually unlimited XY travel and fully programmable Tool Center Point locations. The ALIO Hybrid Hexapod® has less than 100 nm 3-Dimensional 6 axis Point Precision® repeatability.

A major Photonics customer commented; “We demanded an NDA to ensure ALIO does not even mention our company since the ALIO Hybrid Hexapod is a game changer in our industry”. With multiple Hybrid Hexapods in service, the high expectations of this customer have been exceeded.

Since 2001 ALIO has been the gold standard for leading-edge motion products with unmatched performance and quality including the industry’s first 3-year warranty. ALIO’s long history of disruptive technology is reinforced with the Patented Hybrid Hexapod.

Please contact Walter Silvesky, Vice President of Sales at ALIO, to review your application needs and/or interest in private labeling this novel game-changing Hybrid Hexapod solution.