ESSENTOPTICS Pressents Their Heavily Upgraded Photon RT Spectrophotometer

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EssentOptics announces new benchmark performance reсord with its heavily upgraded PHOTON RT spectrophotometer.

The deeply refined PHOTON RT spectrophotometer signifies EssentOptics’ commitment to provide the best possible thin film metrology solutions to optical experts. The new PHOTON RT features the world-record 185-5200 nm wavelength range available in a single instrument and ensures both excellent measurement of laser-quality and tight-spec coatings in UV-VIS-NIR range and meaningful tests of IR coatings.


  • Record-wide wavelength range configuration in a single instrument: 185-5200 nm
  • More than 10 times faster measurement compared to other tools on the market
  • No need to re-calibrate the baseline after change of angle of incidence
  • Measurement of transmittance and absolute specular reflectance from the same area on the substrate – perfect for backward analyses of thin film design
  • Measurement of complex cemented prisms with arbitrary direction of outgoing beams
  • Measurement of beamsplitters with variable AOI’s and beam off-set up to +/- 60 mm
  • Radically minimized human errors in the measurement process due to fully automated procedures

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190-435 nm

360-830 nm

475-1100 nm


0.15 nm

0.3 nm

0.4 nm