Gigapixel Camera – Field of View Expansion by Optotune

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Optotune presents ‘Gigapixel Camera – Field of View Expansion’ featuring the EL-16-40 and MR-15-30

The Optotune engineering team has combined an Optotune liquid lens with an Optotune 2D mirror. Machine vision systems have fundamental limitations with respect to resolution, field-of-view, and depth of focus. Angular resolution and the field-of-view are conflicting specifications, limited by the size and resolution of the image sensor. We thus decided to equip an industrial camera and objective with an Optotune MR-15-30 2D tip-tilt mirror and an Optotune 16-40 liquid lens. The mirror is used to expand the FOV (Field of View) of the imaging system while the liquid lens allows for all the images to be in perfect focus. A 3MP camera sensor x 500 AOI (Area of Interest) points results in a gigantic 1.5GP image! With rapid AOI to AOI transition times as low as 20ms. The results are spectacular