Focus Tunable Lenses



Optotune is a leading supplier of focus tunable lenses for diverse applications. Whether electrically or mechanically actuated, the advantages of tunable lenses over traditional optics are striking. Optotune’s lenses can be tailored to your specific demands in terms of size, tuning range, transmission range or speed. Tell us your requirements and we will be happy to assess the feasibility.

Main advantages

  • Compact design
  • Less mechanics
  • Fast response
  • Low power
  • Less tolerance sensitivity

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Product series Clear aperture
Size ØxH (mm) Lens type Optical power range (dpt) Refractive index Recommended
EL-3-10 3 10 x 4.0 Plano convex to plano concave -13 to + 13 1.30 Data Sheet
EL-10-30-TC 10 30 x 9.7 Plano convex +8.3 to +20 1.30 Data Sheet
EL-10-30-C 10 30 x 20.7 Plano convex (offset lens optional) +5 to +10
-1.5 to +3.5
1.30 Data Sheet
EL-10-42-OF 10 42 x 41 Plano convex + plano concave offset lens with optical feedback (OF) -2 to +2 1.30 Data Sheet




30 x 5.8

40 x 11.9

Plano convex to plano concave

Plano convex to plano concave

-6 to +10

-2 to +3



Data Sheet

Data Sheet

ML-20-37 20 37 x 13.2 Plano convex to plano concave -18 to +18 1.38 Data Sheet

ICC-4C controller

Optotune ICC-4C four channels controller enables the control of up to 4 Optotune lenses simultaneously (+/- 500 mA per channel). It is the ideal choice for machine vision customers who need a robust, industrial controller for demanding 24/7 operation.

Main features:

  • USB, Ethernet (with PoE+), I2C, UART and 0-10 V Analog (16 bit) communication interfaces

  • 4 independent channels (+/-500 mA per channel)

  • I2C sensor read-out e.g. for temperature compensation (“Focal Power Mode”)

  • Signal generator (sinusoidal, rectangular, triangular, sawtooth, pulse, staircase)

  • Trigger IN and Trigger OUT options

  • Simple mode commands serial protocol

  • Industrial 24/7 operation

  • Optotune Cockpit Software for Windows 10 (via USB or Ethernet)

  • Software SDKs for Python and C#

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