Beam shifting



Optotune’s XPRs are Extended Pixel Resolution 2- and 4-position actuators. By acurately tilting a glass window, light that passes through it is shifted laterally. Standard products are available with clear apertures ranging from 9mm to 33mm.

Main features of 4-position Actuators:

  • High angular position accuracy of typically +/-5 to 8%

  • Fast transition times of typically 1.2 to 1.35ms

  • Low acoustic noise of typically 20 to 22dBA at 30cm

  • Fully pre-calibrated at 50 & 60Hz for temperatures up to 75°C

Optotune XPR’s are designed to be used in projection systems based on Texas Instruments DLP® technology, but can also be used for other applications such as:

  • 3D printing (resolution increase and/or smoothing)

  • Cameras (super-resolution imaging)

  • Metrology

  • Optical coupling

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