Hybrid Hexapod


ALIO brings a revolutionary new approach to 6D motion. ALIO Hybrid Hexapod™ Systems introduce increased rigidity to the linkages and maintain sub-micron positioning which together provides the most precise positioning possible.

  • Bidirectional Repeatability to ±80nm.
  • Accuracy<1µm.
  • Velocity up to 0.5 m/s, 180°/s Tip/Tilt,>720°/s Theta-Z.
  • Load Capacity to 30 kg.
  • Unlimited XY travel. Continuous 360° theta-Z rotation,±20° tip/tilt, and up to 106 mm vertical travel.
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Hybrid Hexapod product line


Novel 5 & 6 axis robotic systems clocking 17 years of creative and unmatched performance leadership building motion systems and backed with ultra precision design expertise and exacting metrology knowledge of how to qualify Point Precision®.





The evolution of the Hexapod 6 axis motion system is the Tripod integrated with nano precision stages and a rotary for 6 axes of True Nano® precision. This platform due to basic physics can out perform Hexapod systems with Nano Precision ® while increasing the work envelope and significantly increasing the stiffness of the structure making this platform ideal for nano machining and thermal bonding applications where reactive forces are common. The ALIO product family of Linear Servo Tripods can be packaged from 3 axes to more than 6 axes while still maintaining the ALIO forward and inverse kinematic equations.

Alio Hybrid



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