Optem FUSION lense System



With infinity-corrected optics and a simplified component matrix, a FUSION imaging solution can be designed in minutes… not hours. And FUSION’s modular composition of universally interchangeable standard modules.

 Configurable with versatile 7:1 Zoom, 12.5:1 Zoom OR Economical Fixed-Magnification functionality 

• Optimized for C, CS, F, EOS, 4/3 camera mount and most any format 
• Integrated LED illumination options 

• Stepper motorized zoom and focus options 

• Enclosed stepper motors reduce operational contamination and simplify cable management 

• Improved optomechanics extend reliability and service life 

• Consolidated digital, touch-pad control of zoom, focus and/or illumination 

• Integrate 90° Mirror Cubes and 50/50 Cubes to modify optical path to alter shape and fit 

• Improved barrel design and 3-point dovetail coupling promote robust lens assembly 

• Inline Mount Blocks afford multi-point mounting along lens system length for maximum imaging stability




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