Spherometers made by TRIOPTICS are used worldwide in hundreds of optics companies and laboratories for the precise measurement of the radius of curvature of concave and convex lenses. The radius of curvature is determined by the tactile measurement of the sagittal height of the curved lens surface.

Key Features

  • The tactile determination of the radius of curvature of concave and convex lenses permits the multi-purpose use of TRIOPTICS spherometers
  • High measurement accuracy of up to ±0.005 % for radius measurement and calibration of test plates and test tubes
  • Little sphericity deviations of less than 0.1 µm as well as ensuring sample integrity through a high-precision ruby gauge head
  • Traceability of measurement accuracy to international standards through certified measuring rings and certified precision optical flats
  • Quality control possible as early as during the manufacturing process because the sample does not have to be polished in order to perform the measurement
  • Sophisticated technology that is regarded as the gold standard for laboratories and manufacturing
  • Requirement-based selection of models and associated selection of measuring rings having various diameters increase the versatility of the device and ensure a very large measurement range for nearly all applications

Data Sheet

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