TRIOPTICS introduced two innovations to the OptiSurf® center thickness measurement system

Optimizations for optics manufacturing

Faster, extended Center thickness measurement

TRIOPTICS presents two new enhancements to the OptiSurf® center thickness measurement system: a three times shorter measurement time and the new LensGage upgrade module, which enables determination of the center thickness without needing to know the refractive index of the material.

New Version – OptiSurf®

TRIOPTICS introduced the new version of the OptiSurf® center thickness measurement system.
All variants that operate with a test wavelength of 1.3 µm have been enhanced with an extensive upgrade to optimize data collection as well as the communication interface. As a result offers the fastest center thickness measurement on the market for complex lens systems with optical path lengths greater than 50 mm.


Extended field of application – OptiSurf® LTM with LensGage

With the LensGage module, the OptiSurf® center thickness measuring system allows the non-contact measurement of the center thickness without requiring knowledge about the material and the determination of the group refractive index. This information can then be applied to identify unknown glass materials.