Color and Gray Level Test Targets



Color and Gray Level Test Targets measure the level of an imaging system’s color or grayscale performance. Color and Gray Level Test Targets consist of a variety of colored or grayscale patterns that evaluate an imaging system’s dynamic range by comparing the target with a system’s image. Color and Gray Level Test Targets provide a convenient, simple way to test an imaging system’s gray level or color performance

Color Scanner Test Target

The Color Scanner Test Target is a critical tool for evaluating the performance of any digital imaging or scanning device. The target features 5 resolution patterns (30, 75, 95, 140, and 180 linepairs per inch), 20 density step wedge, various alphanumerics, 2 constant density strips, 8 color patches, and 10:1 ratio angle ronchi ruling

Reflective Camera Contrast Chart

he Reflective Contrast Target is designed to determine the range of optical density that an imaging system can capture. This target complies with ISO-14524 specifications.

This 8.5″ x 11″ white photographic paper variable density target offers a convenient means of testing the gray level performance of optical systems. There are 15 density steps from a density of 0.09 to 1.5 on two progressions from high to low and low to high. This corresponds to optical density increments of 0.10.

The Reflective Scanner Test Target is designed to measure the reflective light resolution and imaging characteristics of digital scanning systems, in compliance with ISO 16067-1 specifications. Target patterns include the Landolt Ring, alphanumeric resolution and slant edge charts, grey step patches, and horizontal, vertical, and slanted ronchi ruling patterns (6 – 40 lp/mm).
The White Balance Reflectance Targets can be used for a variety of applications including calibration of imaging systems, back light illumination, laser targets, and optical reflectors. Such targets are important in determining the correlation between an input and output quantity for measurement devices. These targets are 99% refl

Color Checkers

Color Scanner Test Target

Reflective Camera Contrast Chart

Large Grayscale Target

Reflective Scanner Test Target

White Balance Reflectance Targets

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