Piezo Controllers and Amplifiers

The resolution of piezoelectric actuators is nearly unlimited. Hence, the noise level of the piezo controller system is the most important aspect of high resolution and high precision positioning. Different amplifier modules and special modules for each application are available. Please contact us for more information.



ENV – The Modular Plug-In-System

The ENV piezo controller system is a modular configuration with a 19″ housing.
For each application it is possible to combine one or more amplifier modules with different characteristics. A complete system fit’s into the application like a tailored solution.

Digital System d-Drive® for Piezo Actuators (Piezo Controller)

The d-Drive® line in the program of piezo nano controllers from piezosystem jena combines the highest positioning accuracy with a unique handling comfort. Available is the multichannel modular system d-Drive® with 19″ rack casing. All features can be controlled by a PC.

Digital Piezo Controller – d-Drive pro

The new piezo controller d-Drivepro has a compatible instruction set to that of the existing d-Drive® series. As with the standard d-Drive® all digital piezo actuators can be controlled via PC.

Piezo Controller 1 Channel Version

The piezo controller offerd by piezosystem jena is designed for high precision positioning of low-voltage piezo elements. The control units are tuned for extremely high output stability and extremely low signal noise at the output.

The series of 3-channel piezo amplifiers, NV 40/3 and NV 40/3 CLE, was designed for easy controlling of 3-axes nano-positioning piezo stages with sub-nanometer accuracy and lowest settling time.

Modular Piezo Controller System ENV


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Digital System d-Drive pro

Piezo Controller 1 Channel Version

Piezo Controller 3-Channel Version


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