Point Sensors


The optical pen or optical probe is the measuring head of the sensor. It is connected to the controller thanks to an optical fiber. The various optical pens are defined by different measuring ranges and resolutions. A single controller can work with several optical pens. Chromatic Confocal technology is the optimized solution to produce different types of high-accuracy measurements. Each optical pen offers a working distance, a measurement dynamics, a spot size on the target as well as an angular opening of the light beam, making it unique.

Optical pens perform without contact with the target. point-sensor They cannot alter, nor deform this target when measuring it. Besides, with the right choice of measurement dynamics, there is no need to refocus the light beam on the target for a series of measurement on identical objects.

Optical Pen EVEREST K1

  • Compatible with all STIL sensors
  • Allows to measure the strong slopes(45°)
  • Working distance : 18.5 mm
  • Measuring range : 1mm
  • Axial Resolution < 50 nm
  • Accuracy : 100 nm
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Optical pens CL+MG

  • Compatible with all STIL sensors
  • Wide selection of
  • measurement range : up 100µm to 24mm
  • Distance mode resolution: From 5 nm
  • Minimum measured thickness: From 7 µm
  • Modulars: Built with a chromatic part and a collimator, they offer 15 possible combinations for various applications.
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Optical pens OP

  • Compatible with all STIL sensors
  • Wide selection of measuring ranges: from 300 µm to 42 mm
  • Distance mode resolution: from 25 nm
  • Minimum thickness measured: from 25 µm
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Optical pens ENDO

  • Compatible with all STIL sensors
  • Very small diameter: 4 mm, 6 mm and 8 mm
  • Reduced working space requirement
  • Distance mode resolution: from 20 nm
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Optical pens OPILB

  • STIL-DUO compatible
  • Vibration insensitive
  • Minimum thickness measured: from 0.4 µm
  • In thickness mode resolution: 0.3 nm in axial resolution & 10 nm in accuracy
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Optical Pen EVEREST

Optical Pens CL+MG



optical pen OP

optical pen ENDO

optical pen opilB


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