The Optoliner is a compact, calibrated optical signal generator providing an efficient, reliable,
and accurate tool for testing, qualifying and calibrating imaging devices, including
CCD and CMOS based cameras and sensors.


Key Features:
▪ Operates in bright daylight & eliminates the need for wall charts.
▪ Suitable for eyepieces up to 40° angular field of view.
▪ Homogeneous incandescent VIS and NIR illumination by tungsten filament halogen lamp.
▪ Large variety of test patterns available – replaceable within seconds.
▪ Large variety of filters available – color glass, cut-off, interference, neutral density.
▪ Optical attenuation enables testing at extremely low light levels.
▪ Large working distance to eyepiece entrance pupil.
▪ Modular and easily customized to your application.

Data Sheet

Davidson Optronics Optoliner

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