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These weapon sights provide excellent observation, target acquisition and aiming capabilities at night.

The weapon sight incorporates an illuminated (injected) reticle which is sharply defined and has variable intensity for best contrast against a light of dark target. 

Constructed from rugged Al housing which provides durability and dependable boresight retention during the entire mission, including at extreme temperatures.

To enhance the survivability and operability of this sight, the external objective lens and eyepiece lens elements are protected with an ultra-durable (scratch resistant) coating which permits cleaning without fear of damage to the optical coating.

Nighthawk 2X

  • Magnification (estimate) X2
  • Field of View 17º
  • Entrance pupil (objective lens) 45mm
  • Data Sheet

Nighthawk 3X

  • Magnification (estimate) X3
  • Field of View 12º±1º
  • Data Sheet

Nighthawk 4X

  • Magnification (estimate) X4
  • Field of View 8.2º
  • Entrance pupil (objective lens) 70mm
  • Data Sheet

Nighthawk 6X

  • Magnification (estimate) X6
  • Field of View 5.5º
  • Entrance pupil (objective lens) 100mm
  • Data Sheet







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