Uninterruptible Power Supplies



Excelitas designs and manufactures custom uninterruptible power supplies for a variety of harsh environment applications:

  • Avionics and aircraft systems

  • Military shipboard electronics

  • Military communication systems

  • Military vehicle electronics

Key Features:

  • Single and three-phase input
  • 1kW and up output
  • Sealed lead-acid and Lithium-ion batteries
  • Custom battery pulse-charging algorithms
  • Battery thermal monitoring and reporting
  • Cell voltage balance monitoring
  • Protection circuits-Current limit and OVP
  • Low input current harmonics
  • Digital control and telemetry

Electrical Performance:

  • 48VDC output

Environmental Conditions:

  • Designed to MIL-STD-810
  • High shock environments

Uninterruptible Power Supplies



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