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AccuFiz UV, Visible, and NIR Fizeau Interferometers

AccuFiz Fizeau interferometers offer an unmatched combination of performance, quality and value in optical metrology. They produce accurate, repeatable interferometric measurements of surface shape, radius of curvature and transmitted wavefront quality, through using a laser light source which reflects off a reference surface and a test surface to create an interference pattern of the two light beams.

Key Features:

Full range and fully developed accessories selection

Order these Fizeau interferometers in wavelengths from 355 nm through 1.064 µm. The standard product has apertures from 33 mm to 800 mm, and configures both horizontally and vertically with mounting. 

High resolution camera option

The optional 6 megapixel, high resolution camera captures the highest slopes of any commercial interferometer. 

Isolate plane-parallel surfaces

One common shortcoming of the long-coherence laser in Fizeaus is the inability to measure plane parallel surfaces. The Surface Isolation Source (SIS) option adds the ability to measure plane-parallel optics without coatings or back-surface treatments.


AccuFiz Large Aperture

AccuFiz Infra-Red Wavelength Fizeau Interferometers

Our IR Fizeau interferometers provide consistently high performance, quality and value for accurate, repeatable measurement at infrared wavelengths. Laser sources wavelengths from 1.55 µm through 10.6 µm enable measurement of IR components and systems at their functional wavelength, as well as measurement of rough polished optics. Internal optics and accessories to match.

Near Infra-Red (NIR) wavelengths are available as well, including 1.053 and 1.064 µm

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AccuFiz IR Interferometers

Short Coherence Laser Interferometers

FizCam dynamic short coherence laser interferometers are designed for challenging measurements such as remote cavities, simultaneous measurement of multiple glass surfaces. They also perform measurements in environmental testing chambers and provide an analysis of moving parts. With acquisition time under 1 millisecond and a completely on-axis design, FizCam systems provide extremely accurate measurement in a lab or in noisy environments, such as production floors and cleanrooms.

The FizCam 2000 Fizeau laser interferometer combines vibration tolerance, instantaneous phase measurement, the ability to isolate surfaces, and measure a remote cavity or solid cavity.

FizCam 2000 12″ Fizeau Laser Interferometers

The FizCam 2000 12 inch aperture Fizeau laser interferometer combines vibration insensitivity and instantaneous phase measurement for highly accurate characterization of large optics including telescope lenses and mirrors.

FizCam 2000 4 and 6 Aperture

FizCam 2000 12 Fizeau Laser Interferometers

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