High Voltage Pulsed Power Supplies



Excelitas is a leading designer and manufacturer of high voltage power supplies designed specifically for pulsed systems, such as excimer lasers, where high efficiency, compact size, and fast dynamic response are critical

Key Features:

  • Output voltage up to 50 kV
  • Air, oil and solid encapsulation HV insulation systems
  • Soft switching resonant phase shift topologies for high efficiency, compact size, fast dynamic response, and low stored energy
  • Pulsed resonant charging repeatability: 3 sigma <0.05% deviation
  • Pulsed resonant charging to > 50 kW, 6 kHz and higher PRF
  • Direct charged marx generators with integrated inverter
  • Extensive fault protection and tolerance
  • Air, water, or air/water cooling
  • Analog, RS-232, or custom I/O interface
  • Universal input and PFC available

Quality Certification and Agency Approvals:

  • ISO 9001-certified
  • TÜV, CSA, CE-marking available
  • RoHS-compliance available

High Voltage Pulsed Power Supplies


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