2D Mirrors



Optotune’s dual axis voice-coil mirror  (VCM) series MR-15-30 is the ideal choice for applications that require large deflections in a compact form factor. With a mirror size of 15mm the MR-15-30 achieves up to +/- 25° mechanical tilt, which results in up to +/- 50° optical deflection. The mirror includes a position feedback system which allows it to be accurately controlled with a standard PID controller.


Applications for Optotune’s MR-15-30 are among others:

  • Automotive (LiDAR, dynamic headlights, ADAS)
  • Vision (field-of-view expansion, zoom)
  • Biometric (eye-tracking)
  • Diagnostic equipment
  • 3D printing

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Engineering sample

      Mirror size       

       Package size     

      Mirror coating           

               Max. mechanical tilt      
         (° half angle)


               15                  30                   gold                             25




protected silver


Data Sheet

  • The standard configuration is non-resonant (quasi-static) on both axis. Please contact us if you require faster speed with resonant scanning.

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