Distortion Test Targets



Distortion Test Targets are used to measure the level of image distortion within an imaging system for a wide variety of imaging applications. Distortion Test Targets are optical tools that are inserted into an imaging or optical system for measurement, analysis, or calibration. Distortion Test Targets are viewed through an imaging lens in order to identify the distortion error inherent within the lens. Distortion Test Targets feature a selection of precise shapes, lines, or dots that an imaging system focuses on to determine the accuracy of a system.

These targets provide an accurate means of calibrating measurement software for image processing. The squares vary in dimensions to accommodate different fields of view. Included in the packaging is a serialized NIST Traceable Certificate of Accuracy per MIL-STD-45662A.
Similar to ceramic targets, the Diffuse Reflectance Grid Distortion Targets have been treated to create a surface which diffusely reflects light back, avoiding glare across the image surface. Using these targets, one can easily determine the precise amount of distortion present in an image. 
Designed for calibration of vision systems and microscope stages, the Line Grid Target offers repeated parallel lines in both X and Y axes. Using these lines as a reference, distortion and perspective error can be quantified and calibrated out of a system. Two types of targets are available, Chrome on Glass, and Low Reflection Chrome on clear glass, bonded to a white backing plate. 

Multi-Frequency Grid Distortion Targets

 Using these targets, one can easily determine the precise amount of distortion present and back it out of measurements. The dot center can be located using blob (or centroid) analysis in measurement software. To accommodate the expanding variety of image analysis software and applications, we offer fixed frequency and variable frequency targets.

Concentric Square Target

Diffuse Reflectance Grid Distortion Targets

Line Grid Target


Multi-Frequency Grid Distortion Targets

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