Centering Error Testing


The OptiCentric® product group sets the standard worldwide in optical centration measurement of lenses and optical systems in the UV, VIS and IR range. With extremely high centration measurement accuracy and their intuitive, holistic operation, OptiCentric® systems have become indispensable in modern optical engineering. Regardless of whether the sample has a small or very large diameter, weights a few grams or more than a ton: the right system is selected or configured depending on the sample and application:

OptiCentric® 100/300 is the heart of the OptiCentric® group being used in a wide range of applications, either fulfilling centration measurement tasks or accomplishing important steps in the assembly and production process of optical systems.

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OptiCentric® Linear

Centration measurement with OptiCentric® Linear uses the precise and error-compensated linear path of motion of the autocollimator focus as a reference axis.

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The OptiCentric® 300/600 UltraPrecision devices transfer the advantages of the OptiCentric® 100 series to the measurement of large, heavy lens assemblies with a weight of up to 1200 kg and a diameter of 800 mm.

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