EXCITING NEWS – we are the official representatives of TMC in Israel

We wanted to share this exciting news that we are now the official representatives of TMC in Israel 📢💥

  • TMC designs and manufactures advanced building floor vibration isolation systems for nanotechnology.

  • TMC isolators support ultra precision measurements, instruments, and manufacturing. they are to leading the industry with sophisticated active, inertial vibration cancellation systems featuring piezoelectric actuators and digital controllers.

  • TMC passive products range from simple, desktop isolated microscope bases, to virtually any size optical table systems.

  • TMC products enable ultra-precision research, measurements, and manufacturing in the fields of photonics, semiconductor manufacturing, life sciences, drug discovery, and nanotechnology.

  • TMC products are designed and manufactured at our state-of-the-art, vertically integrated manufacturing facility and are backed by a customer commitment to provide superior global service.

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